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Rice Lake Weighing Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of weight-related products and process-control equipment. Within this ISO 9001 registered company, progressive new technologies merge with the wisdom of industry experience and create the future of weighing through cutting-edge research and design.

Our roots are planted firmly in the principles of quality and customer service. Through three generations of family ownership these ideals remain unchanged. Today, Rice Lake Weighing Systems is world renowned for delivering the highest standard of product and the best service in the weighing industry.

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LaserLT RD-1550

Remote Displays/Scoreboards

Brighter, Bolder and a Whole Lot Smarter

Rice Lake’s compact and powerful LaserLT takes the remote display concept one step further, combining more features and more benefits for a smarter approach to communicating your weight values. This IP69K-rated device boasts the unmatched performance, incredible value, and unbeatable durability you’ve come to expect from Rice Lake.

Enhanced by a unique lens material and optional visor, the contrast of the LaserLT’s large 1 ½ inch display is fully adjustable for effortless viewing at up to 50 feet. Indoors or out, this remote display is an economical approach to putting basic indicator function in a secondary location. Keep your indicator investment protected in a clean, dry environment while your LaserLT takes the abuse of the elements. A five-button keypad can remotely change units, gross/net, tare, zero and print. The LaserLT is daisy chainable for linking multiple units to a single indicator/controller. Six easy to read annunciators and an added red and green stop/go feature boost communication and expand the usefulness of your display.

Easily install your LaserLT with any electronic weight indicator or peripheral equipment with either fiber-optic, Ethernet or wireless methods. An enhanced learn mode quickly recognizes any model or brand indicator/controller for simple and seamless operation.

An IP69K industrial-grade 304 stainless steel enclosure is as tough as they come—guaranteeing your LaserLT performs solidly in any application, wet or dry, in factories or stockyards, feed mills or gravel pits. See it better with the LaserLT. 


• Six red LED digits, 1.5-in height
• Annunciators for weighing mode, units and status
• Red and green annunciator lights
• Programmable keys for remote scale functions (zero, gross/net, tare, units, print)
• Auto Learn mode for easy connection
• Continuous or Demand mode inputs
• Stainless steel enclosure, hinged cover
• RS-232, 20mA communication ports
• Option for fiber optic, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-422 or wireless communication
• Echo or addressable for displaying specific data
• Auto sensing power supply
• Software configuration menu
• Compatible with Revolution® configuration utility

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